Rainbow, Daisies and A Sunhat – But Where’s the Sun?

Back before Easter I saw a cheap straw hat for sale. From the shop shelf it was begging me, telling me what a blank canvas it was, and that I really should buy and customize it. Thinking I’d quite like a sunhat as it goes, I allowed that docile domed hat to twist my arm.

After several possible plans I settled on the idea of crocheting a rainbow striped band to go around the hat. I LOVE rainbows and rainbow-themed colour schemes.  I always have, and so they often seem to be one of my first choices for colour combinations when I’m seeking inspiration.

Wanting the rainbow pattern to be horizontal, as I did, I had to crochet in quite a long row. Of course that meant I had to decide on a length and have courage in my convictions on the matter! On the up side, I didn’t have to make that many rows. Not wanting an overlap, because I thought that would stop the band from fitting very well, I decided I would join the tips of the ends together back to back, thus also making a little feature of them. It quickly became apparent to me, as I was crocheting, that I needed to reduce the stitches at even intervals throughout subsequent rows to make the band mould around the dome of the hat effectively.

With the entire band crocheted, I then racked my brains to decide on the kind of embellishment I would like. Memories of making daisy chains on warm, sunny afternoons as a child in the sprawling grassy school meadow danced around my head. It seemed obvious that daisies dancing around my hat would be the answer!

The band was made from double knit wool, but I wanted the flower embellishments to be smaller in comparison. However, the crochet thread I had at my disposal was just a little too small for what I had in mind. So I decided to try to use embroidery thread for my crocheted daisies. And it worked a treat! Though the skeins didn’t go very far, I ended up with very neat, dainty flowers that were just the right size, and they have a lovely silky feel to them.

All that remained was for me to sew the daisies onto the band, stitch the band’s ends together in the right place, and fit the decoration onto the hat.


Not being as organised as I could have been, we had gotten into the fourth week of this July before I completed this particular little project, but never mind, it’s finished now.



The only thing is, the sun seems to have hidden up behind that forest of grey clouds!


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