Little and Large Rondo

Back in late March I planted some carrot “Rondo” seeds.  What attracted me to them was their small globe-like shape, which I thought would lend itself to my container garden brilliantly.  At first I scattered a few seeds in some potting compost in a small propagator which sat on my front windowsill.  Within a week seedlings had started to appear under the misted up, closed plastic lid.

When the seedlings were a little larger, probably about three weeks after I’d planted them, I transplanted them into one half of one of those windowbox style troughs, which I’d filled with compost in the greenhouse.  In the other half of the trough I added a thin layer of potting compost on top, sprinkled a few more seeds into it, and covered them.  It wasn’t long before those seedlings began to appear, too.

As the weeks went by the carrots grew, and I was very pleased to think I would have carrots coming through at different stages.  In fact, believe it or not, I have even dreamed about these carrots on a few occasions!  I dreamed they would taste sweet, and to be fair they do.

Several weeks ago I began picking the carrots.  Raw or cooked, we liked them.  So I randomly added more seeds to the trough for the sake of continuity.  And then I added some to the “False-Bottomed-Seed-Tray” (but that’s another story) a few weeks after that.   Unsurprisingly, there have been a few clumps that have grown together and so I’ve had to thin them out a bit, eating them at slightly different stages.

As a rule, most of the carrots have probably been about the size of a table tennis ball, if I remember rightly, give or take either way a bit.  Until today.  Seeing some rather grotty leaves, I went to pull them off, thinking it would leave the green stalks and the better leaves to fend for the under-soil carrot.  Not having seen its head and shoulders bursting up through the compost like so many of the others, I’d just assumed it wasn’t ready yet.  Wrong!  The leaves did not come up by themselves when I pulled, but lugged a hefty (well, relatively speaking!) carrot, probably larger than a golf ball!  To say it was like a turnip would be a gross exaggeration, but it sounded good to exclaim that when I victoriously carried it indoors, so I did.  Unfortunately, however, there was a casualty:  one of the tiny later plants…a carrot smaller than a marble.

On the whole, I’m chuffed to bits with this variety. Having only grown one other variety of carrots before, I’m not comparing them to any other kind, though.  These are the perfect shape (mainly round, but sometimes a little longer if left longer) and size for my containers, they are tasty, easy to grow, and seem to come along quite quickly.  I wonder how many more batches I could grow before autumn?! 😉



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