April Early Moon Chases Set Sun

Back in April I looked out of the window one evening and saw a quite new moon on its slide down to the horizon.


There was a pale blue sky, deep enough to remind me of the vague warmness that the early spring day had possessed, yet icy enough to hint at the cool night to come.

DSCF7766The sun had gone down only minutes before, leaving the moon to gleam ever so slightly above where the sun had appeared to be, and casting a spectrum of violets and pinks in its wake.


The land below was already starting to look dark in the fading light, as were distant trees, scratching up at the sky.


Bobbles of blossom, full of their spring promise, fluttered in the still near bald hedgerows and trees as the evening breeze breathed through them.


That evening I felt inspired.  Inspired by the light, the moon, the sky, the sunset, and most of all by the unfolding spring.  Another beginning had begun.

And so I painted this painting, “April Early Moon Chases Set Sun”.

DSCF7793Acrylics on 12″ x 9″ canvas board.  Original and prints available.  Please contact: fidgetybutterfly@outlook.com

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