Jack Be Little, Jack Be Large, Jack Be Ornamental!

It seems to me that I do have a bit of a fascination with pumpkins.  Perhaps it is their gorgeous fiery colour – orange being one of my favourite colours.  Or maybe it is that they have come to be a favourite representation of autumn, a season that could be sad, for saying goodbye to summer and hello to winter, but for the gorgeous colours it wears.  So for the second year I have been trying to grow pumpkins in containers.  This year I have moved them out of big pots into big bags, I have used new seeds instead of seeds rescued from the previous year’s Jack O’Lantern, and I am trying to grow two different varieties.  Anxiously I watch their progress, cheering each little success, obsessing over any failings, and generally hoping for a better result than last year’s string of ever decreasing, ever mouldering leaves and no pumpkin!


It’s a joy for me to see the luscious leaves of my “Jack Be Little” plant sprawling across the shading inside the greenhouse.  They took it upon themselves to climb that way.  As long as they don’t pull anything down, I’m happy to let them.  😀


A tiny little pumpkin is on the way.  Already I picked one a few weeks ago that was maybe a couple of inches wide.  It was orange and stayed the same size for a while so I didn’t think it would become the hand held size the seed instructions suggested.  Thinking it might only sap the plant’s energy and deteriorate, itself, I thought it best to pick it.


I love it when the big bright flowers bloom, like this one on my “Jack O Lantern” plant.  They hold such hope and promise.


This is the beauty that caused my whole plant to slide and slump the other week!  It’s getting larger and heavier and darkening up a treat!

And to add to the family…


…here is an ornamental eggplant.  A dear friend of mine sent me some seeds from Canada and this is the result so far.  I transplanted the plant into this pot last week but I think I will need to transplant it on again into a larger pot very soon.  Unfortunately something has decided to treat one of the leaves as a snack bar, but I’m hoping the hover flies might help remedy that.  Fingers crossed.

I can’t wait to see how they all turn out!


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