Spring Storm Brewing Beyond Oilseed Rape Field


On Easter Monday morning I awoke, sat up, and was struck by the vivid colours I could see outside, framed by my window. A brooding mass of threatening clouds amassed towards the horizon. Between my vantage point and there the oilseed rape, growing in the field rolling down the hill outside, was on bloom. The bright yellow flowers looked like a sea of sunshine, in spite of the moody sky.

Immediately, I knew I wanted to try to capture those colours, that scene, that moment. So I rushed to collect my colouring pencils and started sketching away, just enough to gather the information I wanted to remember before the wind would disturb the formation in the sky. And it wasn’t long before it was all different, sunshine peeping through certain crevasses in the clouds and hiding behind their bulges elsewhere.

No matter. I was able to record enough to help me to create the little painting that I had in mind – another small snapshot on canvas of a fleeting moment.

DSCF7797“Spring Storm Brewing Beyond Oilseed Rape Field” – acrylics on 7″ x 5″ canvas board.

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