Camper Van Shorts

DSCF8136 DSCF8138

“It’s all in the preparation,” they say.  Well, sometimes there’s nothing quite like a trial run.  I have been wanting to make myself a new pair of trousers.  The material is within my possession, as is a new pattern, but I hadn’t made the leap and gotten on with it.  So I thought I’d try to make a pair of shorts, what with it being summer and all.  That way, I thought, I’d have a bit of an idea about what I was doing before I begin making the trousers.  Which is just as well, given that I bought an assortment of themed material for the trousers but not a very large amount, so I doubt there will be much surplus.  Nothing like leaving little room for error! 😀

I am crazy about old campers, and would you believe that I came across all sorts of camper themed material?  Loving bright colours, as I do, I opted for two pieces of the same patterned fabric but with two different background colours.  For the pockets and part of the waistband I have used some lovely bright stripes which pick out some of the stripes on the fronts of some of the vans nicely.

Now I just hope there will be enough good weather to wear them in before this summer is out! 🙂


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