Peeping Tomatoes!

In recent weeks the tomatoes have been ripening and more have been burgeoning in their wake.  Now they peep at me through their plant’s leaves.  There are the “Beefsteak Costoluto Florentino” tomatoes which are very juicy, full of flavour, have a high flesh to skin ratio, and are gorgeous sliced in a bap or sandwich.



Then there are the cheeky little “Garden Pearl” tomatoes, cherry-like in size and ideal for growing in a pot.


And last but not least there is my Identity Crisis Tomato Plant!  This one masqueraded as a rosemary plant for a little while, following a seed mix-up.  After a little while its leaves started to look like those of a tomato plant.  It wasn’t long before it started to have the distinct whiff of a tomato plant.  Hey presto, it is a tomato plant!  Yet because this discovery was a little late coming to light, I had already transplanted all the tomato seedlings I wanted for this year.  So the plant stayed in its smaller pot.  And stayed.  But it looked so sturdy and robust!  It seemed a crime to just throw it away.  Besides, the other plants in the greenhouse were looking on, wondering what I might do with it, weren’t they?  I couldn’t be seen to be mistreating one of their kin, could I?  There was no option but to transplant this tomato plant, too, albeit several weeks after I’d transplanted the other ones.  Could this delay account for the fact that the tomatoes – alleged cherry tomatoes! – on this particular plant are larger than those on the other “Garden Pearl”* plant?  I wouldn’t be surprised.

*I did get the seeds mixed up previously, but I do know for sure that this plant could not be a “Beefsteak” tomato.

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