Glass Jars

One evening a few months ago I was struck by the reflections and shadows a group of empty jam jars were casting on the surface of my white desk and the off-white wall behind it.


So much so I decided I wanted to capture the little scene straightaway.


Grabbing a sketchbook, I made a quick sketch using biros.  Then I decided I’d like to turn it into a painting.


The scene was not completely black, grey and white, as there were also some subtle hints of other colours visible.


Not wanting the painting to look solely like a tonal sketch on this occasion, I was keen to add these tiniest accents of colour.


That said, because I usually love to employ lots of bright colours, I did like the idea of having a very scaled down palette for a change.


As a result, there are just a few vague yellow, green and blue highlights seeping into the glass and the shadows and reflections.


Acrylics on 9″ x 12″ canvas.

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