Customized Dungaree Shorts


For years I have liked the idea of having a pair of dungaree shorts.  Last year I saw some I liked but they cost more than I wanted to pay so I kept waiting, hoping they would be reduced in a sale.  But they weren’t.  When the exact same ones reappeared this year I thought I’d got a second chance with them.  There they were in my virtual shopping basket, but those numbers kept dancing around in front of my eyes.  It still felt like too much money to pay.  Also there was something that was a little contrived about a decoration on them and I thought that would either date or I’d get fed up with it over time.  These doubts were all the justification I needed to choose a cheaper, plainer option.  Not least because I prefer to add my own decorations to the denim items, in particular, in my wardrobe – a little habit I’ve had for over twenty years.  My latest acquisition merely became my latest victim!

The denim has stretch in it, so I had to be a bit careful I didn’t end up with bulges or wrinkles when I sewed on the patches I’d made.  Then I put together a pair of patchwork borders and joined one to the bottom of each of the legs.  Since I attached them on just above the hem that was already there I wasn’t as concerned about the stretch issue in that area.  The borders have added a few inches of length to the legs, which I’m pleased about because they were originally shorter than I wanted them to be.  Before I’d bought the dungarees, I had had my heart set on adding a bit of embroidery to them.  When I realised the denim was stretchy I thought that might not be possible.  Until it occurred to me that the “lazy daisy” embroidery stitch allows for flexibility.  So I scattered my “lazy daisies” over areas of the front and back of these dungaree shorts for the finishing touch.


Now I’m just waiting (again) for the hot weather to come back (again!)! 😀


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