A Very Cute Pumpkin


As someone who was for many years a vegetarian who wasn’t all that keen on vegetables, I never expected to find myself referring to a vegetable as “cute”.  But the day has come.  Just look at the size of this little beauty next to the dessert spoon! 😀

There were a couple of obvious little pumpkins on my “Jack Be Little” plant, which I have been growing inside a large shopping bag filled with compost.  Several weeks ago I had already picked a small one like this.  With already finely formed ribs, this pumpkin had been as orange as this for a little while, maybe a couple of weeks (it’s hard to remember), and there was something about it as it hung from the prickly stem that made me think it just wasn’t going to grow any more.  I didn’t want to leave it on the plant to go bad.  To lose it would have seemed like such a waste after all this time, and if it meant it would be taking energy from the other pumpkin, despite not doing much itself, I guessed I ought to pick it, so I did.  The pumpkin still on the plant is a little larger than this and still a pale yellow at the moment.  It has increased in size each day the last few days, so I’m crossing everything that it will continue to survive, thrive and grow.

In the meantime, I’ll admire my very cute pumpkin, which incidently has also become the star of a still life painting I have done, and which will feature in my next post.


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