Winding Down and Gathering Up


Evolving “Turks Turban” Squash

If you were to ask me how old I am, I might be inclined to say I’m at that funny age! 😉  Similarly, my container garden is at that funny age.  Sadly, it is no longer at its peak for this year (though that is only to be expected in the cycle of these things), nor is it time to cut everything away or dispose of many of the plants.


“Jack Be Little” Pumpkin

We are having a lovely Indian Summer here at the moment and the plants are loving it, for sure, but prior to that the growing season was showing signs of winding down for the year.  The lush greens of the spring and early summer have long gone.  Leaves are getting tired and mottled.  Some plants, like my mesembryanthemum and chamomile have finally given up, after putting on a colourful display for months.  My petunias are on their way out, and I’ve had to cut my winter pansies back for a second time, not really knowing if they will come back again or not.  Yet other plants are only now coming into their own, like some of my tomato plants where the bulging green fruit is just beginning to ripen.  The sunflowers and dahlias are really having a technicolour party.  Even my latest cucumber plant has still been supplying me with mini cucumbers in October (just!)!


DSCF8017 (2)

Ornamental Eggplant

Thankfully, I still find myself getting excited about new things happening, even this late in the growing season.  My passionflower stem scrolls itself around and up to the inside of the greenhouse roof.  My “Turks Turban” squash keeps evolving.  The latest “Jack Be Little” pumpkin peeps through the leaves and has already surpassed its previously picked friends in size.  Flowers continue to open up on the ornamental eggplant, and even the tiniest of fruits are appearing on it, too.  And then there is the hint of forming, swelling watermelons.



Watermelon Coming!

Although there is not as much for me to do out there at the moment, there are still treats to gather, spectacles to see, and surprises to await.  I do love my container garden!


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