Cuthbert Bunnykins


  Please say “hello” to one cuddly Cuthbert Bunnykins, a curious white bunny with a mission!


     When late March winds blew, bright yellow daffodils burst forth from the ground and birds sang later into the evening, a number of bunnies were born. One of them was Cuthbert Bunnykins. As the days grew warmer and the sky became a brighter blue, Cuthbert and his mother and brothers and sisters hopped about amongst the greens that flourished in the ground. Nibbling on the treats that surrounded him, Cuthbert soon realised that carrots were his favourite.

     The golden wheat in the fields was cut and Cuthbert could see a long way across the land. It made him want adventure. So when the time came for Cuthbert and his brothers and sisters to leave their mother, Cuthbert decided to set off in search of the World’s Largest Carrot! His mother wrapped a red and yellow and green and blue scarf around her little white bunny and waved him off, a tear in her eye.


     For days and weeks Cuthbert hopped about in gardens and allotments and parks and fields. He found lots of carrots, but alas he found no enormous carrots anywhere. As time went by he could find hardly any carrots of any size.


     The evenings grew chilly and the stars twinkled in the dark sky earlier each night. Suddenly Cuthbert felt cold and hungry and alone. He missed his family but didn’t know where they were anymore.

     “If only I could find a nice home where I would be loved and cuddled and looked after well,” Cuthbert said to himself.



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