“Escaping Ribbons”

I had hoped to paint more and post more and do (read: catch up on!) a gazillion other things lately, but a grumpy cold slowed me down for well over a week, so these things did not happen. Adding to my already overwhelmed mindset at the time, I suddenly felt even more behind! I’ve come to the conclusion I can’t possibly be that behind all the time. The key work must be MINDSET, and I think I need to change it! Perhaps this painting, called “Escaping Ribbons”, is a metaphor for all these mental lists spilling out of my head! πŸ˜€




It seems I have a previously unnoticed fascination with ribbons. Suddenly I find myself twirling them around things and in and out of things just to create different shapes and, more importantly, more surfaces for light to bounce off or hide behind.Β  I guess the ribbon painting possibilities are infinite!

Acrylic painting on 5″ x 7″ canvas board.

(Painted on 29/09/2015.)


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