Autumn Wreath

Longer nights, shorter days, early darkness and the colder claws of the autumn air often get people down as we slide away from summer.  For the most part I don’t tend to mind this time of year because there are things about all the seasons that I like.  Tucking up indoors while the evening closes in strikes me as quite cosy, a signpost, if you will, down the hill to Christmas.  And I just LOVE Christmas!

There is so much to fill the eye about autumn.  We enjoyed the bright yellows and pinks of spring flowers, the lush green of summer foliage, and now we have the golden yellows, burning oranges, rusty reds and bronzing browns of autumn.  Everywhere!  In the leaves that wilt on the trees, flutter down and sweep past on the blustery breeze.  Greens weave in among them in the mottled patterns of bulbous gourds and squashes.  Then there are the orange globe-like pumpkins, beacons in the spooky night times.  The last of the sunflowers, marigolds and sweetcorn sway in the wind.  Let us not forget the festival of sloes, blackberries, hawthorn and rosehip berries, and crab apples, to name a few, clinging onto their branches for dear life.  Horse chestnuts and acorns clonk to the ground.  What a palette!

It is this joyful mix of colour that inspired me when I wanted to create a unique gift recently.  The idea that came to me was that of a crocheted wreath using “autumn” as its theme.  I crocheted two circles with holes in the middle.  The back (not seen) is dark blue, while the front is light blue to represent those gorgeous crisp clear blue skies that set off all the other colours so gorgeously on a chilly October morning.  Then I crocheted a sunflower, an apple, two leaves, an acorn, some sweetcorn, a pumpkin and some berries, and sewed them onto the front ring.  After I’d attached them all, stuffing the apple, acorn and pumpkin to give them a slight three-dimensional look, I joined the two rings in the middle.  While I stitched around the outside of the two rings to join them, I added toy stuffing to make the wreath itself cuddly and sturdier.  It was a lot of fun to make, and I’m glad to say it was well received.





Wishing you plenty of gorgeous colours today and every day! 🙂


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