Legacy of a Seaside Trip

During a particular trip to the coast many sights caught my eye and imagination. Among them were these: shelves and shelves of sweets in jars inside the quaint, traditional sweet shop, and a couple sitting on a bench staring out to sea. There is a magic about sweet shops that is never found around the confectionary aisles of supermarkets or the racks by the tills in all sorts of other shops. An almost childlike innocence seeps out from between the jars like some kind of ghost of nostalgia, yet it is at the same time joyful.


“Sweetie Shop Sweetie Jars”  #20

Acrylic painting on a 7″ x 5″ canvas board.

A similar type of poignancy struck me when I looked at the two people on their bench. There was a wistfulness about their companionable gazing out to sea, out to all that can be imagined and cannot be seen. Were they contented or sad? It seems impossible not to wonder what might be going through their minds.


“Staring Out to Sea”  #21

Acrylic painting on a 7″ x 5″ canvas board.


4 thoughts on “Legacy of a Seaside Trip

    1. Thank you very much! I can picture exactly what you mean. I don’t know what it is about storing stuff, but there is just something about seeing shelves and shelves of wool, or jars of preserves – or sweets! – or racks of ribbon or pots of buttons or cake decorating kit – anything like that is just great to see all neatly stored!! 😀 Perhaps it’s the promise of what they might all turn into.

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