“Ripening Tomatoes”

Several weeks ago we began to reach the time of year when tomatoes still hang on the plants but are slowed down by the dwindling daylight and the cooling temperatures. We picked some to let them ripen on the kitchen windowsill. In time they did. This pair amused me because one was much further ahead than the other. Nevertheless, they were always changing subtley under our very noses. With watercolours I tried to immortalise these Beefsteak Costoluto Florentino tomatoes!



“Ripening Tomatoes”  #22

Watercolour painting.


2 thoughts on ““Ripening Tomatoes”

  1. Nicely done. You’ve wonderfully conveyed what it looks like when tomatoes ripen on a sill. My tomatoes also never all ripen at the same time when I bring them into the house to ripen in the fall.

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    1. Thank you very much, Sheryl! I had been painting with acrylics a lot lately and hadn’t used watercolours much for a while, so I was using them for a change, trying to see how it would work out. There is almost a kind of fragility about tomatoes in their ripening state, isn’t there? I thought perhaps the delicacy of watercolours might be the material to try in order to try to capture a bit of that feeling. It’s a little sad taking the last tomatoes off the plant for the year, isn’t there? These tomatoes weren’t the last, but my last tomato plant has gone now.


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