Double Stubble

Round bales always bounce light and harbour shadows so brilliantly that I find myself drawn to them time and time again. One of my favourite aspects of this scene on this day was the light stubble and bales contrasted against a brooding sky that was verging on stormy.

Here, I painted two versions, both in watercolour, on the same day. The first painting did not turn out as I had hoped it would because the trees and sky got too vague for my liking.



“Straw Bales On Stubble” (1)  #23

Watercolour painting.

In my second attempt I tried to give the hedges and trees more definition to make them stand out from the sky more and to give an increased feeling of distance between the foreground and the grassy verge immediately in front of the trees.


“Straw Bales On Stubble” (2)  #24

Watercolour painting.

On reflection, I think I like different aspects about each painting.


6 thoughts on “Double Stubble

  1. Hello! I just sort of stumbled across your blog. I love it very much! Love the watercolour paintings! I really like the first one. I like the way it looks so spontaneous. The second one is very pretty as well. You captured the sky wonderfully! I think we had the same colour sky today. All day just sort of dark and wanting to let lose, but didn’t. lol. Great work!

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