“Lonely Aubergine”

When clearing out the greenhouse the other week, this was one of the last items to be picked before the plants were wrestled out of their pots and dispensed with. I still can’t believe how empty the greenhouse looks! How did so much ever fit inside it earlier in the year?! 😀



“Lonely Aubergine”


Watercolour painting.


The Little Barrel Garden and Bulb Expections

There is a new addition to My Container Garden…a barrel! Or, to be more precise, half of a barrel. Originally, I thought it would be brilliant to be able to put some of the winter pansy and “Miniola Heart Purple” plants I told you about previously in the barrel. With the weather suddenly changing from slight Indian summer to early winter in almost the flick of a switch, their progress slowed, so that was no longer a feasible option.  Early next year instead, perhaps?




Never before have I bought any plants because I have grown everything from seeds, or cuttings on one occasion. However, the thought of the barrel sitting empty and colourless over winter seemed rather wasteful, which had me tootling off to the garden centre. This particular garden centre is sweet and quiet. The light drizzle descending through the gaps in the perspex roof, where inside meets outside, was positively serene on a chilly October day.



“Hot Volcano”  Winter Pansy


Plants for the autumn and winter are not something I know a great deal about, which means I have been looking around garden centres and plant sales a bit lately to find out. While doing so, I saw the cyclamens, seemingly like red, pink and white carpets of mini tulips sprawling before me. They won my heart straightaway and I have since bought some seeds in the hope of growing my own for next year. In the meantime, I have bought one white cyclamen as pure as snow, six primroses in a number of colours and some “Hot Volcano” winter pansies. Among these pansies are orange and purple petals, which I had never seen together in the same pansy before! In case I’ve never mentioned it before, I think orange is a very underrated colour and it is definitely one of my favourite colours, so it’s really no surprise I chose these ones. 🙂



Primroses, winter pansies and cyclamen (and hiding bulbs!).


The day after I bought them, I transplanted all my new goodies into my Little Barrel Garden. Once I’d finished, I planted some crocus bulbs in a trough. Covering them with a layer of compost, I then sowed the remainder of my Alyssum seeds and covered them with another layer of compost. The theory is that the seeds should over winter and then produce a pretty, soft carpet of gentle colour in the springtime. A welcome thought after the stark sleepiness of a twiggy brown winter. Or white if we do get any snow!



Trough housing crocus bulbs and Alyssum seeds.

To my surprise, I still had half of my supply of bulbs at my disposal after I had pushed them down into the trough in quite generous numbers. Returning to my Little Barrel Garden, I eyed the spaces between the plants nestling in their new home. When I’d bought them I was concerned the formation would be a little sparse, but once they were in place I thought they had a nice comfortable area to grow into. Now I was thinking there was just enough space for a collection of bulbs to hide beneath the compost and smuggle their colour up to the surface after a secluded winter below the other floral folk in that container. Plunging the bulbs down between the plants didn’t take long, and I’m hoping this will mean that there is some continuity of colour through the darker days of autumn and the approaching winter. It certainly would be nice. For now, though, I will simply enjoy the blooms I see before me with gratitude. 🙂



My “Little Barrel Garden”.