Little Copper Kettles

Well just the one kettle!  Several years ago I painted two acrylic paintings of this little copper kettle.  All the reflections that get temporarily trapped on its shiny surface are too seductive to ignore sometimes, though.  So a few months ago (my posting habits slipped big time during December and January!) I was drawn (!) to having another go at capturing the kettle, and this time using coloured pencils.




“Little Copper Kettle (1)”


Coloured pencils.

A couple of days later, not being entirely excited by my little drawing, having seen it through the slightly uncompromising lens of the digital camera, I thought I’d have another go.  This time I used watercolours, and I painted in the dark October evening using a desk lamp as my source of light, instead of the natural, if somewhat muted, light of the cloudy late morning a couple of days before.


“Little Copper Kettle (2)”


Watercolour painting.

Either way, I never tire of reimagining this little kettle on paper or canvas.  It used to belong to my Great-grandma and feature in a little game we used to play.  So focussing on this ornament is always a welcome excuse to relive particular happy memories.  🙂

Happy Saturday!




31 Crochet Patches For 31 Days

Well who would have thought that a whole month of 2016 could have gone by already?!

Now I tend to have a bit of an odd relationship with New Year’s resolutions.  Not least because I don’t fancy the guilt if I break them, or expending the energy on justifying to myself why it was not only a downright good idea, but necessary that I break them.  😉  So I don’t make them.  Any more.

That said, I thought to myself just before the turn of the year, “Wouldn’t it be cool to crochet a square for every day of the new year?”  Or some other shape.  Then I could either make a mammoth blanket at the end of it, or several smaller blankets, or some other such project depending what I came up with.  Hmm.  Sounded fun, but the idea of committing myself to something that sounded suspiciously like a resolution threatened to send me into a mild panic.

Instead, I told myself that, because I liked the idea, I would try to make a shape for each day, and see how I got on.  If I made two one day, none another, so be it, but we would see how it would go.

So here we are with thirty-one crochet patches for the thirty-one days of January!




Of course, it would have been better if I’d sewn the ends in before taking the photo, but we won’t worry about that.  We’ll just say I was going for authenticity.  😀

No rules, no pressure as to the next month or months.  We’ll see how it goes.  😉

On the gardening front, I haven’t done much of note recently, other than looking at seeds in garden centres and trimming the dead flower heads and leaves off the winter pansies, cyclamen and primroses in My Barrel Garden.  But when we had a quick frosty interlude the other week, I did get a bit happy snapping away with my phone camera.  Novelty is a marvellous thing, and I’d just discovered filters on it!  If you’d like to see those pics, hop across to my Facebook Page by clicking on the box above right.


Happy Tuesday! 🙂