Little Copper Kettles

Well just the one kettle!  Several years ago I painted two acrylic paintings of this little copper kettle.  All the reflections that get temporarily trapped on its shiny surface are too seductive to ignore sometimes, though.  So a few months ago (my posting habits slipped big time during December and January!) I was drawn (!) to having another go at capturing the kettle, and this time using coloured pencils.




“Little Copper Kettle (1)”


Coloured pencils.

A couple of days later, not being entirely excited by my little drawing, having seen it through the slightly uncompromising lens of the digital camera, I thought I’d have another go.  This time I used watercolours, and I painted in the dark October evening using a desk lamp as my source of light, instead of the natural, if somewhat muted, light of the cloudy late morning a couple of days before.


“Little Copper Kettle (2)”


Watercolour painting.

Either way, I never tire of reimagining this little kettle on paper or canvas.  It used to belong to my Great-grandma and feature in a little game we used to play.  So focussing on this ornament is always a welcome excuse to relive particular happy memories.  🙂

Happy Saturday!




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