Cucumber Mix-up!

Another growing season, another seed mix-up for me!

Since I have enjoyed the Sherpa cucumbers I have grown the last couple of years, I thought I would grow some more this year, too.  During my optimum period of seed-packet-retail-therapy-when-it’s-February-and-you-can’t-get-on, I also happened to come across another variety, Mini Munch.  This variety is said to be bitesize.  The ideal lunchbox snack.  Like a sweetie to pop in your mouth, I should imagine, but cucumber flavoured…what with being a cucumber and all, albeit a very small one.  It all sounded too good to resist, so I bought some seeds and planted some of those at the same time that I planted seeds of the other variety, on April 6th.

At this point I covered them with the little freezer bags, as I do, and I’m smug to say that those I had labelled.  On April 12th I spied the emerging seedlings.  All was going well.  The “problem” arose when, as they got larger, I decided to take them out to the greenhouse during the daytime and bring them back indoors overnight, to get them more used to a permanent greenhouse lifestyle.  During transit, I mixed up the labelled bags they had been sitting on, and I had forgotten to put individual labels into the actual pots.


On May 21st I transplanted each of the cucumbers into larger pots and they now stay in the greenhouse.  (I do so love how, when you take a cucumber rootball out of its original pot, you get that wonderful fresh, juicy cucumbery smell.)

While I think I have managed to keep the plants in pairs of the same varieties, the upshot is I still couldn’t tell you for toffee whether the tiny cucumber you see in the photo above is a Mini Munch or a Sherpa.  I guess I will only know when it either stops growing at roughly two inches or six, or thereabouts.  But I don’t mind, it’s all part of the fun.


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