Spuds in Bags

This is a little painting I did in March of five seed potatoes that were waiting patiently in a plastic tub for the moment they would be immersed in compost and darkness.  The variety was Duke of York.


On the last day of March their wish came true and they were plunged into two large shopping bags – you know, the “Bag for Life” ones (in more than one way!) – generously filled with compost.  Within a week, shy little leaves were peeping up through the surface of the soil.  As the plants stretched up and out towards the light, more compost was scooped in around their necks for warmth and support.  Just as well, considering all the frosts we have had here in the east of England throughout much of the spring.

This might be a good time for me to mention that my baby spuds were tucked up inside my greenhouse throughout their formative weeks, and even under fleece on those frosty nights.  What pampered potatoes!


On Saturday May 28th, my somewhat triffid-like potato plants were lifted into a cart and wheeled outside to see out the rest of their time.  The greenhouse suddenly seems very spacious inside after weeks of having to squeeze past these.


They have grown to be lovely healthy plants, though, and they exceeded any expectations I had.  Not least because I didn’t know what to expect.  Though the rain and wind of recent days is making them look a little raggy now.

What makes a cheery story even cheerier is that during Sunday lunch we sampled our very first new potatoes of the year, and the very first ones grown in shopping bags here.


I hope you won’t think me immodest if I say they were yummy.  Creamy is the word I think I would use.  🙂




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