Little Beauties!

As with several of my little plants so far this year, I planted my cucamelon seeds on April 6th.  Just over a week later their seedlings appeared.  On May 21st I transplanted the resulting small plants into slightly larger pots and moved them into the greenhouse, hopefully for the rest of their time.  Ideally, I would have transplanted them sooner, but nighttime temperatures were as such that I couldn’t leave them out in the greenhouse 24 hours a day any sooner.  Even though they were trailing around on the windowsill crazily and strangling any seedlings near enough for them to grasp.

Now they’re roaming free on the greenhouse shelving.


Last autumn I planted some lavender seeds I had recently bought.  To my surprise, I found I had still got some seeds left over from the year before that I had forgotten about.  Filling a seed tray with compost, I thought I’d throw the lot in and await the results.  What had I got to lose?  If I left them any longer I’d have to throw them out, right?


I’m delighted to say that more came up than I could have dreamed of.  You might even say they’re growing like cress.  My lovely lavender spreads its sweet scent around the greenhouse every time I water it, and now a few buds are appearing.  What a treat!


Coming along from the autumn before last are my strawberry Mignonette plants.  They started sharing their fruit with us around June 19th, and kept doing so well into August, if I remember rightly.  New flowers have been appearing on them in recent weeks, which strikes me as a good sign.




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