Adorable Alyssum, Pretty Pansies and Friends

Last year, as I think I have mentioned before, a dear friend sent me some Alyssum seeds.  I planted some last summer and they started to flower quite quickly.  Then, in the autumn, when I planted crocus bulbs in a trough, I planted Alyssum seeds in the compost above them and covered them with more compost.  As the winter months came, spreading their cloak of frost across the soil and hiding gardens in deep and stretching shadows, on the days when the sun shone, the seeds sat quietly under the surface.  Sometimes the trough was covered at night and uncovered in the daytime.  Underneath all that protection, I could only wonder whether or not I would see those merry little flowers in the springtime, and hope for the best.


Well, I wonder no more, because I’m thrilled to say the surface of the soil in the aforementioned trough is gently being carpeted by the dainty pink, white, purple, and peach coloured little flowers.  I can’t get over their delicate yet powerful beauty.  So tiny each individual flower appears in its own right, while creating such an effective and obvious spectacle of colour to catch our eyes.


Among other seeds that I planted last autumn were my winter pansy and Miniola Heart Purple seeds.  Earlier in the spring, after surviving the winter in the greenhouse, they all started to look a bit fed up for want of being transplanted out of their cramped seed trays.  However, the late frosts meant that it just wasn’t conducive to do so very early.  Pesky greenflies appeared and started feasting on them in the meantime, so they really did look sorry for themselves.  Eventually, it got to the point where it had to be done or I would lose them regardless.  So I planted them out and they went to live outside.  For the odd night they came back into the greenhouse when the temperatures were low, but they had to get used to flying their glass nest, so to speak.


Now, as you can see, the winter pansies (above) and Miniola Heart Purple pansies (below) really look to be enjoying themselves and the warm and sunny weather.


I do love their little heart-shaped faces!

Back in November, as I’ve also mentioned before, I bought a little Christmas tree.  A few weeks ago I transplanted it into a larger pot.  For weeks and weeks I had been bringing it out of the greenhouse during the day and putting it back inside over frosty nights, to try to get it used to outdoor life, since the frosts seemed to seep well into May.  Now I think it is much happier to be outside getting a taste of its “real” life!  It is also pretty chuffed to be sporting a set of clear solar lights that help to light up the garden in the night.  How smug it feels to think it has beaten all the other Christmas trees by having lights on it as early as May! 😉


And here are four of the six bags of my second batch of early potatoes this year.


They seem to have shot up in the last week or two.  These have never known life in the greenhouse like the others, so they didn’t have to get used to the difference, but equally so I hope that no crazy weather spoils them.  Time will tell.


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