Dahlias: Take Two and Action!


Last autumn, after a merry time of bright flowers, all the weary foliage was cut away from my dahlia plants.  Having grown them from seed last year, and having enjoyed their radiant blooms, I didn’t want to part with them.  They were stored undercover in the dark throughout the winter and early spring.  Several weeks ago they came back out into daylight.  With tubers like big ol’ spuds, it seemed wise to transplant them into slightly larger pots.

This photo was taken a few days ago, and as you can see four out of the five plants were growing nicely, albeit providing a few too many snacks for the local bugs, by the looks of things!  This has all happened within the space of a few weeks.  Since the photo was taken, the fifth pot has now shown signs of green and small leaves are twirling their way up out of the compost, trying to catch up with the others.


Talking of catching up… a week on since I planted seeds in Raised Bed Container One, I am happy to report lots of sightings.  Every single day I have stared out the window and visited that wooden box I don’t know how many times, just to see what progress might have occurred.  So far, there are lots of mixed mild salad leaf seedlings and rocket and radish seedlings, all of which came up quite quickly.  There are also some turnip seedlings and a few beetroot seedlings.  Even a few lettuces seedlings have emerged, which surprised me this soon, given that my small plants in the greenhouse took a while to appear, and they were as a result of my second attempt of the year because the first seeds I planted never germinated.


There has been quite a bit of rain in recent days, which has helped the seeds in the container, no doubt.  Now I will have to station myself at the window to peep at the possibility of a parsnip or dwarf French bean joining the party!


My lovely lupin has begun to unfurl after yesterday’s rain.


Then there is the sweet pea happy accident…


Last year my sweet peas were a collection of plants from new seeds and self-sown plants from the autumn before.  And this year, again, I have found myself with a small number of self-sown sweet peas which sprung up in the old pot, coasted their way through winter in their laid back fashion, and surged through most of spring, climbing, climbing up the canes that had to be installed for them.  Now they are starting to come out on flower and fill the pathway with their warm, sweet scent.  If that does not make me dream of the pleasant side of an English summer – now less than a week away! – I don’t know what will.

Have a lovely Tuesday! 🙂



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