Happy Herbs and Friends

On Tuesday I took some small herb plants and my strawberry Temptation plant from an indoor windowsill to live out in the greenhouse for now.


Having been given some pretty pots, I transplanted some rosemary and mint into two of them.


And I transplanted some of my thyme and my parsley in the other two.


The strawberry Temptation plant I transplanted, along with two small courgette plants I had been raising in the greenhouse, into large black pots.


Today I have been transplanting most of the lavender plants I have grown from seeds. They came up like cress, surpassing my expectations, so I wanted to find a home for as many of them as I could.  Some, which I grew from seeds last autumn, I have planted in this big square pots.


I have also planted some of the plants from the same batches in the edge of a flower bed.  It contains a rather uncompromising clay soil, so we will have to see how the lavender grows, but they were too good to waste.


Amongst the smaller plants are three larger plants which I grew from seed the autumn before last and transplanted out into a trough last summer.


When I couldn’t fit them all in, a few left over plants were planted in a corner and thrown onto the garden elsewhere, rather than throwing them away.

We’ll see how they do.

(More pictures on the Fidgety Butterfly Facebook Page.)


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