“Little Sweetheart” Hat

Hi!  I had no idea it had been so long since I had last been on here.  This is why a few of my replies are a little late.  😮  (I hope I didn’t miss any.)

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I say this because the turn of the year has been and gone since I last posted on here, but that said, every day can be the beginning of a new year, can’t it?

With February 14th on the horizon I have been making a few Valentine’s themed crafts of late.  Today I’d like to share this one with you.


“Little Sweethearts” hat. 

Approx. 18cm/7″ from top to bottom.  Approx. 38cm/15″ around the inside of the brim.

“Little Sweethearts” hat is a child’s hat I have knitted.  Some people love Valentine’s Day, some people hate it, I know, but the emphasis with this is on cuteness rather than romance.  Even though I was inspired by an occasion, it wouldn’t look strange to wear this hat at any time when it’s cold. After all, who doesn’t love a good heart?!

I have knitted this with two strands of DK wool throughout, except for the very brim, which I knitted solely in pink and with only one strand.  As you can see, I used pink and red and white to provide a “nod” (pun intended!) to Valentine’s Day, especially with the six crocheted hearts I have made and sewn on for decoration.  The brim is rolled up and sewn into place with red wool to make a fixed woolly brim – hopefully that should avoid having to keep rolling it up or unfolding it.

It feels quite warm, which judging by the forecast for here later this week, that’s not such a bad thing!



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