Heart Dressing Table Mat

Every which way I tried to decide on a title for this “thing”(!), I stumbled.  If I call it a tablemat it could be thought of as a placemat, but it’s not large enough for that, and the beads would probably get in the way.  Looking at its spoke-like configuration, it was very nearly entitled the “Heart Wheel”.  Imagining it on a dressing table with a bottle of perfume standing on it, it seemed only fitting it should become a Heart Dressing Table Mat – and just in time for Valentine’s Day!  However, in reality, it is a decorative little crochet mat for placing on your tabletop, or on top of your sideboard, or anywhere you might please, where you would like to stand a little vase or ornament or suchlike on something for the sake of displaying it. Inkeeping with my recent Valentine’s theme, I included red, white, and pinks and crocheted some hearts.  The centre is made from a series of crochet circles.  Then I joined eight red hearts onto the circular mat, along with a red wooden bead for each heart, by creating an outline around them all.  Finally, I crocheted a long pink chain and joined it at the base of each heart to hold everything in place.


“Heart Dressing Table Mat”.

Approx. 26cm/10 and 1/4″ across.

I won’t be offended if you call it a “Heart Wheel”, though. 😉



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