Finger Bread Rolls…


…and a few bread blobs!  Well, you have to do what you can to get them to fit on the baking tin, don’t you?  😉

Is it me, or can baking bread be a bit addictive at times?

Best wishes! 🙂


Mix and Match Loaves


Recently, I was given the cutest little four set of half pound loaf tins.  I couldn’t wait to see if I could make some equally cute loaves of bread.  So I made a glacé cherry loaf, a plain white loaf, a parsley loaf and a pesto loaf.  It gave me a real buzz to be able to make the parsley loaf using my own home grown parsley.  As for the pesto loaf, I would like to thank Kristina over at because a post she had written about pesto bread gave me the idea to try it!


I did rather love the swirly patterns the pesto created.


Happy Friday! 🙂

Baking Bread


In recent months I have begun to bake my own bread.  I love to have that freshly baked bread scent strike me every time I come indoors from out in the garden, or when I come down the stairs.


To mix(!) things up a bit, I’ve enjoyed trying a few variations, such as spicy fruit loaf.


As well as plain white loaves, I have tried a cheese loaf.


Sometimes I like to bake two 1lb loaves of different flavours at the same time, like the wholemeal one (left) and the white one (right) here, so that there is something to suit the tastes of everyone here.


And then there were the soft white rolls.

I never could have dreamed how much I would enjoy baking bread, but I really, really love it!